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"2011 will live on SOMAVOG memory as the year of changes : of course with the transfer to our new offices, the implement of a new centre of competences with expertise in the fieds of logistics, and a new functional organization promoting the synergy of the teams.


We have also developed since April 2011 a new visual indentity, spearhead of our communication plan, more consistent with our business and ambitions.


Now, SOMAVOG combines know-how : thanks to its experiences acquired since 1958; and modernism with a new logistics plateform (2 750 m²) benefiting latest technologies management of food cold in order to ensure the reliability of its services, and to deversify."



      Franck MARTIN









SOMAVOG 1 rue de l'Ancienne Bergerie, CP 30202, F-94535 RUNGIS CEDEX, FRANCE - Phone : +33 - FAX.+33

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